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An Unforgettable Martial Arts Lesson.

In addition to all the crazy-cool games and activities we do with the kids, we also teach them some crazy-cool martial arts.

It's like icing on the cake for these kids because it gives them something fun and exciting to share with their friends long after the party ends.

It's a great way for them to have a little fun and show off in front of each other as they remember how awesome the party was!

A Fun, Exciting Martial Arts Lesson.

Throughout the games and activities we also teach all of the kids some cool martial arts.

This gives them something fun to bond over for the weeks to come. They can practice and show off for each other and "re-live" the awesomeness of the party!

Everything is Structured and Planned From Top to Bottom.

While theme parks and 'fun zones' where kids run around crazy can be fun...

They can also have a lot of down time and they can get pretty old pretty fast!

That's why our parties have something fun and exciting planned in EVERY moment. There won't be a single second of down time.

Your Child Feels Like a Rockstar When They Showcase Their Martial Arts Skills.

Your child will LOVE showing off what they've learned in class in front of all of their friends.

We make sure to put them right in the spotlight where they can really showcase what they know.

And More!

Here’s Everything That's Included:

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20 kids are included

(for just £197)

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1.5 hours of supervised action!

Take a load off! We'll keep careful eye on all of the kids while you have fun and relax.

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Non-stop action, fun, activities, and martial arts the entire time

Give us a call to find out more about our exciting birthday packages!

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Fun for the parents

Want to dive into the action? Join us in any activity or game!

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Pizza & other awesome birthday food!

What kids' party is complete without it?

Check out what Google users are saying about Cheltenham
Martial Arts

J Wala
- 5 months ago
A very friendly academy. Myself and my 2 children all train here. They have age specific classes, so that the children are taught with this in mind. Not only does it help keep us fit, but also promotes confidence and there is a real sense of community spirit about the place. All the instructors are knowledgable and very approachable. I would highly recommend this academy for either adults or children.

Dawn Greenwood
- 6 months ago
Since joining in November 2017 I have found an enthusiasm for fitness I have NEVER had before! I thoroughly enjoy 4 kickboxing classes a week, have made loads of new friends and have trimmed my waistline in the process. There is always a warm welcome and a tonne of classes throughout the week to enjoy from a variety of instructors. I could not recommend more highly!

Agnes Hammer
- 5 months ago
The last time I tried to be active I sat in the gym, on the ground, watched the people around me for an hour, and went home. I started the Fitness Kickboxing about a month ago and never thought that I could ever be as excited and motivated to go to a workout. It's super intense but I finally feel like I'm working as hard as I can and I feel incredible afterwards. The staff are just the most amazing people on earth. They're so sweet, friendly, fun, dedicated, supportive and patient. They give clear instructions, tell you how to improve and push you to your limit. Before I started I was scared I wouldn't be good enough but the support is just fantastic! It doesn't matter what fitness level you have. Everyone is welcome and can train according to their own pace. The instructors will always try and get the best out of you and there's always a friendly face when you walk in. It's finally not an effort for me to get up and go to have a workout anymore. I'm always looking forward to it, I've never been more motivated, thank you guys!

Emeline H
- 5 months ago
Do you want to become the best version of yourself? If you answer is yes, I recommend this academy. I have been training for less than a year but I feel like a completely different person. I am much more willing to work, the instructors have told me to be determined and resilient. Everything is kept fun and everybody is friendly. Yet it is still a very serious academy which will teach you not only martial arts, it will also teach you about yourself and your limit. I couldn’t be more grateful to all the instructors at Cheltenham martial arts, and I can’t wait to see new faces around!

Laura Donnelly
- 5 months ago
Both myself and my son are members. He loves the martial arts classes and has improved his confidence and listening skills. I have improved my strength and fitness whilst having fun and making new friends with the Fitness kickboxing. Such a welcoming place, the staff are great. Would definitely recommend it to anyone.